Monday, August 29, 2011

Shy first day of school

Here is my beautiful Shy bear! She looks so cute on her first day of 4th grade. Shy's summer has consisted of Dance, playing with her friend McCall, and playing with London. Shy tried out for the compatition team once again. This will be her second year in competition. She moved up to the junior extreme team!! She LOVES to dance! I am so proud of her for how much she has improved with her dancing. She has completley got her right split down and is working on her others. Shy is constantly getting her CD player out and dancing in the front yard with McCall

and her little sister London. Their is only one girl on our street for Shy to play with. And she is gone alot! So Shy is playing with London ALOT. London is so blessed to have Shy as a big sister. She is so nice to London and is always doing things with her. I really hope they can always stay close to eachother. Shy is still a Mammas girl;) she loves coming to the store with me, helping me cook in the kitchen, and just making sure i'm always watching her dance and stuff. I'm so proud of Shy. Now that school is in session this 4th grade year seems to be starting off great! Shy is moving along in school just great and is alway's helping out others as well. I'm excited to have her and Hayden in the same class this year. I love you Shy and am so very proud of you!

Hayden first day of school

I LOVE this picture of Hayden. This is him the first day of 4th grade. I just want to share a few thoughts about all my kiddos. Where do I begin..... Hayden is such a fun kid. He is so into his friends right now. This entire summer has consisted of him OUTSIDE, riding his bike, skateboarding, bug catching, and playing with friends. The street we live on is field with boys around Haydens age. They are mostly a year or two younger than him so they totally love and look up to Hayden. We enrolled him in a skate boarding school. He has been going every Wednesday for two hours. He has learned so much from this school and is becoming a very good skateboarder. I am so proud of him!! Now that school is back in session, we are working hard on getting Hayden a little extra help for he struggles a bit with school. He is going to be taking some test to get him on the right track to keeping up with his grades and improving on his academics. I am very hopeful that Hayden will improve this year and get the right help and tools to stay focused and enjoy school. He has such a sweet tender heart and is a very good kid. I love you Hayden!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bear Lake 2011

Fun times in Bear Lake!!

My whole family alway's gets together for an annual Bear lake camping trip. We have been doing this for about 7 years now. It's alway's fun when we get together, but I believe we are going to say Good bye to the camping and the lake and hello to Condo in Saint George. We (my sisters and I) have all decided that it's about time we change the tradition. This year at the lake was super nice though. We went up Thursday night and met up with my mom and dad and sister kassi. Everyone else came up on friday. We hung out at the beach Friday and Saturday. Friday was perfect wheather but we didn't stay too long. Saturday was stormy at first but then cleared up to be a great day. We did our traditional shakes and my mom made some AWESOME Cafe Rio burritos! Then we had some fireside Blue darting (complimentary of Rich, Alex, and Summer of course) and played some other silly games too. (Johnny swoop Johnny Johnny) That was a fun one. I think me and Summer were the last ones to figure it out;).
It turned out to be another great Bear Lake Adventure.

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's been years...literatly

So when I say it's been years, I mean it!! I have not blogged in over a year or two! Where the HECK does time go???? it's gone!!!! Me and my sister were working out at her house, as we try to do sometimes when we get sick of all the chatty, starring people at the gym. She showed me how to print your blog into a book. I thought it was the cutest thing! I looked up my blog and could not believe how many things I actually blogged about, and how preacious all these memories were to me. Time is just flying by way to quickly and I feel like it's very important for me to start writing all these wonderful, crazy, ugly, happy, or whatever moments in my life down. From now on, this is my journal of my life. I want to try and go back however on some things that have happened that I have missed. I guess I'll start from when my dad died. Oh man I am gettin teary eyed already. So it happened so fast. It was Christmas morning 2009. Me and my family woke up early and had a wonderful time opening presants, eating candy and just doing the morning christmas thing. I got a phone call from my sister Summer. She was hysterical!! I could barely hear anything she was saying. I thought that maybe something bad had happend to one of her kids or something. I just flipped out and starting freaking out and feeling so sad for her and then she began to tell me over and over that she was so sorry. The words of my dad came out of her voice and it hit me that my dad had died. My emotions went out of control I ran upstairs and just started sobbing out loud. I remember just being so broken and sad. I got off the phone with Summer and just bawled my head off. I called my mom and told her and she did the same. She was so sad for my dad to be gone, and especially sad for her daughters. My poor kids and husband were hearing all of this and I imagine they were all very sad. I couldn't really do anything for them at this point. What happeded to my dad was... the night before he was spending the night at my aunt Karens house. Trudy alway's had breakfast with my dad christmas morning, so he decided to stay at Karens so Trudy would not have to drive as far to pick him up. He had a crazy wild Christmas Eve, so I was told. Sounds like he had a great time but also a bad time. When Trudy went to pick him up Christmas morning, Karen went to go get him out of bed. She could not wake him and came out of the room telling Trudy... " I think he's dead" Trudy then went into the room to find my dad lying on his stomach and yes he had died. I can't imagine being in Trudys shoes at that moment. Me and my sisters all drove down to Karens house to see my dad and be with him until the mortuary came. It was the saddest thing I have ever had to go through in my life thus far. My uncle Dave and Dad were very close to one another. He came to see my dad too and it was just so sad. Dave was screaming at my Dad, hitting him, telling him he was so dramatic and of course he had to die on Christmas morning. I was so mad a dave I just wanted to scream at him!! but I knew how sad he was. He loved my dad so much and everyone deals with things in their own way. I am so very proud of my dad though. He tried so hard this Christmas to be their for us girls and all his grandkids. He had been walking to the DI searching for presants for the grandkids. He had bought him a nice outfit and laid it out all nice to wear for his Christmas breakfast. I miss him so much. Me and my sisters were just zombies for awhile there after. We only wanted to be near one another. We all had our own speacial relationships with dad. We were the only ones who truly understood what it was like to be HIS daughters. We knew a side of dad that only we could no. The death of my dad was so sad and really should not have happened to him at such a young age of 52. But he did have his trials and his body was so damaged. The best way for me to come to terms with it is so remember that he could not and would not progress anymore in this life. His body was to hurt and damaged from all the things he had done to it. I pray that he is in heaven right now with a young healthy body and is looking down on us and all of his grandkids and being our angel. I love him so much and I love my sisters so much. I just can't imagine life without them.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Wow!!! Where do I begin. It's been such a long time since i've blogged. So much has happend where does the time go? I find myself running ragged with life latley... I guess i'll just start on me. I'll start with my trip to Nashville... OMG was it a blast! There is so many wonderful people there!! The first night we got there was prob the funnest. I went with my friend Brooke and Brandi and one of her friends. We got all drest up and went downtown to a big strip of music and bars and all these aspiring country singers. We told the first group of guys that were hitting on us that we were from Utah and they immediatly asked if we were mormon! Ha ha go figure. We played it off and said we were poligamist and we were all married to the same freaken funny! Don't worry we told them the truth in the end :-) It really amazes me how friendly and outgoing people were down there. It really made me think about the bigger picture of our beautiful world we live in. I'm still working at the Clearfield aquatic center a couple of days a week, and being a mommy the rest of the time. Greg has had some big things happen for him. He decided to re enlist in the airforce for another 6 years. He did want to get out and become a police officer, but with the failing economy we both decided it was in our families best interest to stay active. He just got a big promotion (Staff Sargeant) which will help out alot with our new FUN house payment. LOL!! He did unfortanatly just find out he is deploying again to Afghanistan in January:-( Something we are def not looking forward too, but will survive non the least. Hayden is still being Hayden. Into his toys and video games alot more than his school work. He's been struggling with 2nd grade, but I am hopefull that he will make progress. We just enrolled him a couple of months ago in Karate classes, and I think that is really making him feel pretty darn good about himself. Shy is doing really good! She's made a wonderful new friend next door and is excelling great in school!! She is still taking dance and just being a girl. I can't believe how much like me she is. And last but not least...London.. Ohhhh where do I start! She is such a mammas girl. She wants to be big like her bro and sis so bad. yup..she still looks just like Greg too. She's talking, throwing fits, way into her movies...right now were on the Scooby doo stuff. Thank Heavens something I can stand to snuggle up and watch with her;-) Well thats about it for now. Hopefully I wont take so dang long to blog again.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hayden and Shy's Birthday!!

Sorry just a little behind on my blogging.. OK alot behind:) Hayden and Shy's 7th Birthday party was lots of fun this year!!! We got to enjoy a BBQ in the comfort of our NEW... Backyard!!! Thanks everyone who came:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moab Rocks!!!